Vanilla C8 MCT Oil


Nutrition Table

Nutritional Information Per 100ml Per Serving (15ml)
Energy 3478 kj / 846 kcal 521 kj / 127 kcal
Fat 94 14
-of which saturates 94 14
-monounsaturated fatty acids 0 0
-polyunsaturated fatty acids 0 0
Carbohydrate 0 0
-of which sugars 0 0
Fibre 0 0
Protein 0 0
Salt 0 0

VANILLA MCT OIL: 100% Coconut MCT Oil, Natural Flavouring.

What is MCT Oil:

MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerites) are faster absorbed than long chain fatty acids and by that provide a more efficent energy source. Being absorbed by the liver and assisting in the production of ketones, it is perfect for sport, keto diets, not at last ketones can be used as an effective energy source of the brain. 

Pure C8 MCT Oil made from Caprylic Acid (also known as C8.)

Dash of natural vanilla flavour making the oil the perfect accompaniment to coffees or shakes

C8 is the most efficent MCT in its conversion of ketones through the liver, meaning a greater ketone production and all the benefits

Mix with coffee, dressings or in shakes. Begin with a teaspoon per day and increase over a week to the suggested serving of one tablespoon. Too much MCT oil and use on an empty stomach can cause stomach upset.

Peanut Butter & Chocolate

With a smooth peanut butter centre and packed with protein from the crunchy peanuts. This indulgent high protein bar will leave you feeling satisfied and energized!


3.4g Net Carbs

10.9g Protein

Hazelnut Crunch & Chocolate

The perfect combination of crunchy – with the hazelnuts – and creamy – with the smooth peanut layer. This indulgent high protein nut bar will satisfy your cravings and give your body the goodness it needs.


3.5g Net Carbs

10.6g Protein

Pecan, Hazelnut & Cocoa

Filled with large crunchy nut pieces of pecan, hazelnut, and coconut with the rich flavour of cocoa powder. This bar will provide your body with the heart-healthy fats it needs.


3.5g Net Carbs

2.4g Protein

Vanilla & Coconut

The delicate combination of the exotic flavours – coconut and vanilla with the crunchy texture from the almonds and cashews – is sure to brighten up your day, and leave you feeling great!


3.5g Net Carbs

2.4g Protein

Dark Cocoa Orange

This is the perfect snack with rich chocolate and a hint of citrus flavour to give you that sweet afternoon fix you need. The nuts will give you a slow release of energy, so you avoid the afternoon slump.


3g Net Carbs

2.4g Protein